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modern app development. Google has developed one of the most popular open-source JavaScript Frameworks for Web Application - Angular. The developers of google created Angular with a vision to provide a robust and complete front-end solution for making high-performance and supreme scalable applications.

With two-way data binding capabilities, Angular is treated as the single-source-of-truth to build real-time applications. Angular’s data binding and dependency injections solve the widest variety of software development problems flawlessly. The framework focuses majorly on web applications and can be efficiently used to develop mobile web and native applications or even desktop software. Other digital solutions need third-party tools to capture all aspects of Angular develops easy-to-maintain single-page applications, front-end development, web applications, and cross-platform mobile applications.

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Fast development

The Angular framework has high-quality, ready-to-use solutions, components, and templates.

Versatile use

Build web applications, mobile web applications, native applications, and desktop software.

Awesome user experience

Improve user experience with high-speed and great response.

Best practices

Implement best practices with Angular to build efficient applications.

All-in-one approach

With robust, limit external dependencies to a few trusted solutions.

Focus on business

Most innovative and creative businesses trust the Angular framework to develop apps for their choice.

The Best Angular Applications Developed By Us


Worked as a technology partner for UK based world's largest Ground Transfer Online Platform headquartered in the UK. The Business Model required us to provide Online Transaction Processing with Live Price Updates.

Travel Booking

Tour Planning

All in one solution for holiday

Project Management System

PMS developed to manage various internal/external project operation throughout from requirement gathering to delivery for well know MNC Company Fixer Incl. Japan. Through PMS external and internal clients can post their job and admin can allocate inhouse and external resources to those projects. Codzgarage has driven this project from requirement gathering to delivery. Angular as front-end and .Net core as back-end API has been used to build this system.


HSATrack is designed with deferred reimbursement retirement planning in mind. Keep track of your expenses for future reimbursements after investment growth. Use the app to quickly record expenses on the go and save receipt images.

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Build Your App With Angular Framework to Take The Advance Advantages.

Enterprise-level application development

JavaScript Developers working on enterprise-level consider Angular as a go-to framework. The robust framework allows Angular developers to create bigger and scalable apps. The angular set is more standardized to makes it easier for developers to create apps without any external tools.

Lighting-Fast SPAs

Single Page Applications provide a better user experience in comparison to the traditional multi-page web apps. The modern capabilities of JavaScript programming languages play a vital role in creating great single-page applications.

Angular empowers routing and data management to build SPAs that do most of the work in the backend. The Angular JavaScript framework delivers high-performance and seamless SPA experiences to your end-users.

Cross-Platform Application

The angular framework has a versatile nature. The framework creates progressive and impressive web applications to provide numerous offline features, and with the internet, the applications become more feature-rich.

The angular framework can develop JavaScript-based mobile applications. With frameworks like Ionic, you can even create hybrid mobile apps and desktop applications. Moreover, open-source projects such as Native Scripts offer opportunities to Angular Developers.

Beautiful User Interface

A JavaScript web application offers a lot more than performance. The angular apps are more engaging and impressive to users. Angular developers focus highly on the appearance of apps to create beautiful user interfaces.

The Angular Framework has UI libraries to create beautiful user interfaces without the need to reinvent the wheel. Angular developers are well-versed with the tools to develop UIs by the most popular trends. If you want to create a beautiful UI, Angular development services are the best.

Long-Term Scalability

The more popular website means more traffic. To keep up with the game, you need to create new features while also maintaining the core functionality of your app. The angular framework has ready-to-use tools to overcome scalability challenges. Angular’s architecture and robustness can handle complex state management without having to always rely on external state management libraries. The large Angular community can solve the complexities of scalability to boost your website’s performance.

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