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We create custom Android and Web apps for Startups, Brands, and Enterprises.

Creating the Best User Experience

Do you need an app with an outstanding user experience?

Codzgarage has rich experiences in developing user-friendly apps with exceptional UI/UX. Our expertise lies in grabbing user’s attention and enhancing the app functionality.

Our designers understand your unique users and their behavior before designing your application. They analyze the application design from both the users' perspective and designers' perspectives before putting it into development. Then, our designers club their analysis, experiences, with advanced technologies such as AR/VR, advanced animation, and 3D elements to make app design visually appealing and user-friendly.

Take your app beyond installation and make your user stay on it.

Our Designing Services

UX Design

UX Designs decides the user's experiences with your applications. How your app interacts with your users are way important. Users love to interact with delightful, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-use applications. Our designers perform user research, work on every work frame, perform user testing, and study user persons to create exceptionally appealing user experiences.

UI Design

UI Design decides the looks and style of your applications. Keeping your users engaged with personalized and immersive experiences is highly important. Users interact with an application visually and through voices and body gestures. Our designers understand every prospect of the user interface and add 3D Components, advanced animations, attractive fonts, and colors to give a soothing interaction design to the applications. We care about both the usability and likeability of applications.


Whether you want to test your app idea for your company or want to sell it to an investor, prototyping has become vital. Prototyping helps you get a bird’s eye view on how the screens and features of the app function. We develop prototypes, wireframes, and mockups for your app that are almost like the real product. This helps you to get feedback early in the process and gives you time to think over and make changes in the app design.

iOS App Design

Developing an iOS app? Looking to hire a top mobile app design company to design it? Whether it is an app for iPhone, iPad, macOS, Apple TV, or Apple Watch our UI UX designers design for scalability. We have designed over 50+ apps for iOS platforms. With our experience, proven design strategy, and latest technologies, we create a mobile app design that adapts to any size screen, helping you reach a wider audience and winning over the competitors.

Android App Design

Android apps work differently than an iOS app. The basic design is the same but the navigation bar and reverse action buttons are different. We are a mobile app design company with experience in designing over 50+ Android apps with the best app designs. Our designed apps strictly follow the Android app development and design guidelines by Google. We develop, design, and deploy Android apps that cater to your business and users’ requirements.

Hybrid App Design

Are you planning for Hybrid mobile app development so that the app works on multiple platforms? You do not have to develop app design for each platform individually. An app designed for hybrid development work on any platform- web, and mobile. We are among the top mobile app design companies with experience in designing hybrid apps. We make sure your mobile app works in a streamlined fashion on any device without impacting the user experience.

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Reduced overall costs

Numerous variables can affect the final cost of developing a product, and the implementation of specific features and functionalities is the one that affects it the most. After conducting a product discovery workshop, we know exactly which features will be implemented, in what way and when.

One of the goals of the workshop is to define a list of features necessary for your product to achieve its goals, and to discard unnecessary fluff. By doing that, we not only speed up the production process as we can focus on those core features, but also cut off all unnecessary development costs.


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Minimized risk and issues

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Easy Customization

Icons & Stickers



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