Cloud Development Services

Our cloud Development services improve agility and time to market and drive your business efficiently.


Codzgarage has expertise in Amazon Web Services for scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud computing services. Our professionals provide the flexibility to launch applications irrespective of your industry or the magnitude of the business.

Microsoft Azure

Codzgarage offers services to leverage Microsoft - a cloud computing platform to build, manage, and deploy applications with Azure. Our professionals will integrate and manage environments to provide security & compliance to meet the evolving business needs of enterprises, startups, and governments.

Google Cloud

Codzgarage has expertise in cloud computing platforms using Google cloud. Our professions modernize the workload with cloud computing services from Google, as well as deliver software faster while improving operational security and governance. We strive to expedite digital innovation with apps, APIs, and automation.

Hybrid Cloud

Codzgarage has expertise in Hybrid cloud comprising on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and a public cloud such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Our professionals build model apps with high scalability.

Why Choose Codzgarage For
Cloud Services?

30-Minute Free Consultation

In your 30 minutes, we will explore your business to suggest to you the best. Get a 30-minutes free consultation from our experts.

High seniority level and
technical skills

Our professionals are technically advanced with a high-seniority level to solve the complexities while also maintaining high standards.

Ability to scale a team in days

Our ability to scale a team boosts business revenue without increasing the expense of a project. Before initiating any project, we take a few days to scale a team.

Agile Development

We embrace agile development methodology to deliver faster and better. Our experts shorten the development time and reduce cost.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Our Non-disclosure Agreement protects your business information. Your business confidential information is safe and secure with us.

Total Technical Support

Our professionals assist your business in resolving technical issues. We offer technical support and maintenance for your business apps.

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