Engangement Model

Codzgarage Infotech offers three different engagement models that allow enterprises and startups to choose the best one.


Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Model is best suitable for the entrepreneur, small and mid-size projects with clear and well-structured requirements. The total amount is pre-decided for the final product.

The project requirement, specifications, and schedules are pre-defined before starting the development. Fixed Price Model reduces the risk and requires minimum supervision from your side.

Codzgarage takes care of all the aspects of product development, management, quality analysis, and assurance. The model is one of the most efficient models to cut down on costs and develop an app within a budget. Even the project timeline is pre-decided to avoid any last-minute chaos.

Hourly Price Model

The hourly Price Model is best for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises who have small project requirements. Projects like changes in pre-developed apps, backup or restore and crash recovery, up-gradation of apps with new features, and functionalities can work best under the hourly price model.

Hire the experts on the number of working hours that your project requires. The engagement model allows you to communicate directly with the hired expert to explain the requirements and discuss your project. Moreover, you can make changes during the development process and opt for better features.

The expert will work under your guidance and perform changes according to your project requirements. Under the fixed pricing model, the total cost is directly proportional to the time and resource involved in the completion of the project.

Dedicated Team Model

The Dedicated Team Model is best for entrepreneurs who don't have time to regularly communicate with each team member - designer, developer, quality analyst, and web developer.

Hire an entire team dedicated to your project that includes Android and iPhone developers, web developers for backend, UI/UX designers, quality analysts, and a project manager, who will lead the project.

Dedicated team models save your time and energy by communicating only to the project manager. The project manager will understand your requirements and lead the entire team to achieve your project goals. The model allows you to hire a dedicated team for your project who work seamlessly as their own.

In the dedicated team model, you have to pay a fixed monthly fee for each resource you use to hire. You can choose the best and skilled resources to meet your requirements.