Customized Enterprise Mobility Solution

Solve the complexity of your business with Automation.

Drive Your Business Automation Through Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprises are automating their business operations to manage the entire business model with ease. We create enterprise mobility solutions to simplify the complexities of your business and address your company demands.

Codzgarage has a dedicated team of developers with industry rich experience in developing customized enterprise mobile app solutions. We aid enterprises to serve the communication goals of both employees and customers. Our professionals focus on your enterprise needs to deliver a mobility solution that gives a seamless performance to your employees and customers.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions We Develop

Enterprise App Development

Codzgarage app developers have expertise in developing customized enterprise mobile apps. Our specialists build business apps for both native cross-platform and wearable devices

Human Resource Mobile Solution

Empower your HR team through our HRM solutions. Our HRM solutions allow enterprises to manage attendance, personal profile, salary details, leave details, and recruitment process.

Mobile Sales Solution

Enhance the performance of your sales team with sales solutions. Our sale-centric solutions allow your sales team to manage sales campaigns and processes. With our advanced sales solutions, enable your sales team to collect client's data and save on their time and efforts.

Mobile Workforce Solution

Get a mobile workforce solution to standardize your teamwork. Codzgarage develops a custom workforce solution for businesses to maintain and process extensive business data.

Benefits of Developing Enterprise Mobility Solution

Improve Employee Productivity

Codzgarage develops enterprise mobility solutions to improve the productivity of individual employees either by BYOD or CYOD devices. The employees can access the basic office applications from their devices to carry out crucial business tasks anytime and anywhere. Moreover, business operations become smoother and smarter by accessing specific reports, eliminating manual planning, and making quick decisions.

Data Accuracy & Device Sharing

Codzgarage enterprise app developers build solutions that come with the ability to access relevant data at any point and share a device screen easily with customers or colleagues. Our customized app solutions improve collaboration within the organization at various levels. Business mobility solutions enhance the accuracy of data for better productivity by improving each process involved.

Deliver Great Customer Experience

Codzgarage offers enterprise application development services to improve your customers' engagement. Employees will be able to solve the queries quickly to serve the best. B2B business owners can track their business activities to improvise customer satisfaction even without internet connectivity. Eventually, our app development solution leads to increased brand loyalty.

Excellent ROI

Mobility strategies allow enterprises to maximize their ROI. Our mobility services optimize the workflow for startups, brands, and huge enterprises. Mobility solutions boost businesses to expand their reach by providing exceptional mobile apps to their customers.

Reusable Components

An application developed on reusable components makes both coding and testing faster.

JavaScript EXtension

JavaScript Extension allows you to use syntax similar to HTML in the JavaScript code to make development easy and intuitive.


Process We Follow to Develop Enterprise Mobility Solution

Identifying Enterprise Requirements

Our sales team will identify your business requirements to comprehend the type of enterprise application your business needs.

Strategizing Enterprise Mobility

Our professionals work on enterprise mobility tactics to frame numerous strategies to make fit-in solutions for your business.

Identifying Technology

Our technology experts identify numerous technologies and tools to develop a solution to suffice your business needs.

Deploying App Solution

Our professionals will deploy your developed mobility app solutions to your servers and launch it on the App Store - Google Play Store or Apple App Store to make it available for the users.

Quality Analysis

Our quality analyst team will examine the developed application. Our testing professionals will ensure your enterprise mobile and web solutions to be bug-free and run seamlessly on any device.

Executing Strategy & Develop the App

Our developers execute framed strategies to develop applications that streamline the business process.

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Enterprise Mobility Development Services?

30-Minute Free Consultation

In your 30 minutes, we will explore your business to suggest you the best. Get a 30-minutes free consultation from our experts.

High seniority level and
technical skills

Our professionals are technically advanced with a high-seniority level to solve the complexities while also maintaining high standards.

Ability to scale a team in days

Our ability to scale a team boosts business revenue without increasing the expense of a project. Before initiating any project, we take a few days to scale a team.

Agile Development

We embrace agile development methodology to deliver faster and better. Our experts shorten the development time and reduce cost.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Our Non-disclosure Agreement protects your business information. Your business confidential information is safe and secure with us.

Total Technical Support

Our professionals assist your business in resolving technical issues. We offer technical support and maintenance for your business apps.

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