Project Life Cycle

Codzgarage develops custom Mobile and Web Apps for Startups and Enterprise businesses.

Product Development lifecycle

1. Product Strategy

Codzgarage aids businesses in attaining the company's goal for products throughout its lifecycle. With 200+ apps, Codzgarage is delivering excellence with its unique product strategy. We believe the best way to find the right product-market is through workshops and collaboration. We offer product design sprints, UX audits, and scoping sessions for pre-existing products.


2. Product Design

Codzgarage blends the users' needs with business goals to design outstanding products. We optimize user experience in our software solutions to attain human-centric design. Our product design services include UI design, UX design, and illustration. We create a consistent and intuitive user experience for long-term business needs.

3. Product Development

Codzgarage incorporates the entire journey of products from idea to release and beyond. We work closely with our clients to bring the best of digital solutions. Scrum methods allow us to communicate better and validate faster to solve product development complexities. We test and improvise to deliver the best software products.

4. Product Management

Codzgarage manages the products at all the stages of the product life cycle. We aid businesses to organize the backlog, and the team works on the product. We look after new product development, planning, verifications, forecasting, pricing, launch, and marketing.

5. Product QA Testing

Codzgarage ensures the products to be of the highest possible quality. We have a team of QA engineers to maintain the quality of products. We take care of both automated and manual QA testing to make your product flawless.

6. Deployment

Codzgarage software deployment includes steps, processes, and activities to make the product available to the users. We deploy software products on various platforms like Apple app store, Google Play Store, AWS, and Digital Ocean cloud server and ready to hand over the product to the client for the final release.