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Dedicated UI/UX Designers for Hire

Do you want your users to get hooked to your app? Do you want your website visitors to stay on the website longer? The answer lies in visual design. It is time you look for the best UX/UI designers for hire. Functionality and ease go hand in hand when it comes to design. You need to strike a perfect balance between usability and visual appeal.

At Codzgarage, we have a team of UI designers who understands this fundamental design aspect. Here, we dig deep into your product to understand it better. We design elements such that your users understand the function of every element on the screen. In fact, some of them have earned a lot of attention from the end-users.

Our Designing Services

UX Design

UX Designs decides the user's experiences with your applications. How your app interacts with your users are way important. Users love to interact with delightful, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-use applications. Our designers perform user research, work on every work frame, perform user testing, and study user persons to create exceptionally appealing user experiences.

UI Design

UI Design decides the looks and style of your applications. Keeping your users engaged with personalized and immersive experiences is highly important. Users interact with an application visually and through voices and body gestures. Our designers understand every prospect of the user interface and add 3D Components, advanced animations, attractive fonts, and colors to give a soothing interaction design to the applications. We care about both the usability and likeability of applications.

Mobile App Design

Planning to develop a mobile app? Whether you are developing an iOS, Android, or Hybrid app, we create designs for every platform. Our UI/UX designer team follows design guidelines from Apple and Google to create interface design specifically for your project. We have designed 50+ Android and 50+ iOS apps that have increased productivity and increased ROI for our clients. Our designed products meet business expectations and fulfill the user’s needs.

Web App Design

When your app runs on the web, you need to be extra careful. Your web app design should be consistent, compatible with mobile devices and must not lag on the server. If your web app is not dynamic and interactive, users might switch to another one. Hire UI/UX designers who have designed 50+ web apps. Our UI/UX designer team makes data-driven design decisions helping you create web apps that your users love to use.

Website Design

Do you want to build a website for your business from scratch or upgrade your website to a new platform? Our web designers understand that the purpose of a website is to inform and convert leads. Get UI/UX designers for hire from us, and develop a website that sets you apart from your competitors. We have designed 80+ websites and landing pages that have enhanced ROI, lead generation, lead conversion, productivity, and decreased bounce rates.

Logo Design

You can never underestimate the importance of your logo design. A logo is a huge part of your brand identity and you need to focus on its design. We understand that your website or app logo can impact the popularity of your product and needs research. Our UX/UI designer team develops a simple and elegant logo design for your product that your users can identify with. We also develop app icons that use your logo creatively to strengthen your brand identity.

What is product discovery workshop?

A discovery workshop is one of the most important steps in the initial project definition phase. We developed and refined it by implementing it in hundreds of projects ranging from simple prototypes and MVPs, through various web and mobile applications to complex tools and giant enterprise systems for multinational companies. Product discovery workshops help us predict and overcome potential challenges that might occur during the production phase, but they also help us put all project stakeholders on the same page.

Reduced overall costs

Numerous variables can affect the final cost of developing a product, and the implementation of specific features and functionalities is the one that affects it the most. After conducting a product discovery workshop, we know exactly which features will be implemented, in what way and when.

One of the goals of the workshop is to define a list of features necessary for your product to achieve its goals, and to discard unnecessary fluff. By doing that, we not only speed up the production process as we can focus on those core features, but also cut off all unnecessary development costs.

Increased production speed

Defining a complete list of features and functionalities for your product during the discovery workshop enables us to create a detailed production plan involving all of the people who will be working on your product. This enables us to create a very detailed timeline and take periods of idling completely out of the picture.

Those 2 to 4 days you invest in the product discovery workshop in the initial phase can lead to saving weeks when it comes to development phase of the project.

Minimized risk and issues

In addition to going through all the important aspects of the project itself, during the product discovery workshop we will also go through all important aspects of your business. We want to identify all of the pain points, issues you’re facing and potential problems that might occur during the production phase.

By performing that sort of a pre-mortem during the workshop, we actually end up with a list of risks and problems, as well as available solutions to them, before they even occur. This enables us to make sure that all high-risk issues are handled early on, and that any potential issues that might occur are preemptively resolved.

Getting to know the team

By actively taking a part in the product discovery workshop, you’ll get to meet the specialists who will work on your project. They will bring their business strategy, design, development and product management expertise to the table, and you will be able to guide that expertise by providing them with the information about the thing you’re most knowledgeable about – your business and goals you’re trying to achieve.

This act of sharing knowledge and connecting between the two sides whose cooperation is needed to successfully deliver the product, has proven to be a crucial element of delivering a product that achieves set goals.

A precise roadmap for your project

After the discovery workshop, you will get an extensive document with key takeaways, plans, timelines, proposed budgets and all other important aspects that are needed to kickstart your project or attract investors and secure funding if you’re in the startup phase of building your business.

It doesn’t only act as a blueprint describing your entire project in detail, but also as a structured plan needed to successfully develop and launch your product.

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